Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stumbling Goat

Oh the traditional bachelorette party, also known as a Hen Party. I've had the pleasure of joining in on one last night. I wish my friend all the best, she deserves it. She also game me the gift of stumbling onto a new restuarant out on Greenwood Ave. in Seattle--Stumbling Goat Bistro. It's a quaint little establishment with a two-dining room capacity. One more open and lit with the bar, the other, more intimate, maroon colored wall that was accentuated with candlelight. Our server "Cheeto" was amazing and proved to be a well-versed in explaining the dishes that we had. I enjoyed the Hanger Steak with Olsen Farm new potatoes, cipollini onions, demi-glace. I was torn with that and the Seared Scallops in the brown butter citrus sause. Luckily we shared and both proved to be equally appetizing choices. The beauty of this little place is that they had the luxury of housing their own pastry chef. (*little sidenote: our bachelorette of the evening is also a pastry chef, so dessert tasting with her is always a treat) We choose three out of the five seasonal selections and I was enamored mostly by the Apple Vol-au-vent; a maple pecan ice cream with bourbon caramel. I took pictures to tantalize your senses :-)

The tart was made in-house and the airiness and warmth of the pastry was great in contrast with the richness of the ice cream. Another great piece was the Lemon Rhubarb Chiffon Cake flavored with ginger marscapone, citrusy delighful! There was a blah moment in the evening when their bread pudding was shared among all the girls. Visually it looked rather different and to the taste it was exceedingly saturated with Bailey's that really took away from any other of it's flavors. The caramel sauce and espresso anglaise did little ro remedy it's flavor. Overall, a great place to dine, somewhat pricey but the desserts make it worth the trip. There were other pictures that night but those are reserved to the participants only.


Edgar said...

Hugo would like this.

Cyn G. said...

Tell him to check it out!

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