Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year: Reboot

It's Paleo Time...again.

The New Year always brings about reflection and conjuring up of new goals and dreams.

Since it's been a while since my last post. I'll catch you up. Got married, moved states, new jobs, new adventures. All throughout I have continued my interests and this new year, I venture, will be nothing short of amazing as well.

So on to the usual New Years dreams...lose weight by exercise and good food. Not only that, be healthy. Create healthy habits that carry on past Jan. 1st. Does that exist? Yes, in the Paleo lifestyle. I've done their 30-day challenges and they have (with the occasional cheat meal) chipped away at my bad habits. I've just started Challenge #3 and feel even more prepared than before. 

Look it up...it's NOT a diet. Which is what I loved, it's an education on taking pride and care of your health. That alone enticed me the first time. 

Photo credit: paleodietlifestyle.com

Best part...you eat large portions. It's not about deprivation, but proper nutrition. So eat up!

One more thing, new home in May...design "Me" is going to come out full force! 

Till then...

~La Femme

Monday, September 26, 2011

Revisiting a Memory

It started to rain today and for the first time it really hit me that Fall is now here. It's not to hard to figure that out here in the Pacific North-West but nonetheless the early yet unseeingly events of this beautiful day thus far, has happily driven me to revisit a memory. 
When I first moved to Tacoma and was forced to pinch some major penny's I had no internet access. Instead I would stroll over on a lazy Sunday afternoon to 30th Street Tully's and spend the better half of an afternoon catching up on a week's worth of old emails and (then) Myspace and Facebook posts. It became something I looked forward to and that identified who I was for a period of time in my life. The same group of people would greet me behind the counter every Sunday, I got to know a little about their personalities. There was a group of three siblings that met there every Sunday and I got to know who they were as well. In that small ritual grew familiarity in a strange and new city.
Today, there was no internet available in my building and I had the brief moment of genius to go back to Tully's and grab a drink. I did get my usual, Ginger Peach tea, but my maple bar wasn't there. New faces smiled from behind the counter, and no one knew me in the slightest. I sat down in the seat I use to fill on Sunday's, took out my laptop and sat to think about all the experiences a span of five short years has given me.
Make no mistake, I've been progressively living the best years of my life. I have no desire or longing to relive the past. Yet, unexpectedly today, reliving a simple routine just one more time flooded my mind with gratefulness to where I am, and to where I am going. 

I invite you all to relive a memory every now and then. It conjures up hope for the future. Happy Fall!

~La Femme, Cynthia

Monday, May 9, 2011

I love you Barcelona...

There are several areas of the world which I consider to be on my TOP priority list to visit. I struggle with the financial part of this life-list however, I will do all I can (including shopping less.....aAAHHH shock) to make sure that I see what this beautiful world has to offer.

Spain has been high on that list, so high, that I have considered living there. More specifically, I am curious about Barcelona. I love it's background in Catalan culture, language (which I speak and would be able to understand) and it's Gaudi's architecture. All of it entices me even more to visit at least. 

Have any of you gone by way of Spain? Please share!

Would love to get lost in these historic streets
Check out these colors! Wow.
These pictures only mildly represent the beauty that is Barcelona. I imagine it will only quadruple once I get myself to this breath-taking place. 

I hope this keeps you curious and ignites a fire to go out there and at least visit somewhere unfamiliar, mysterious, full of culture. 

~La Femme

Monday, February 28, 2011


Through all different areas of my life and education I have noticed that I have a recurring passion for Design and Fashion. I love to put together outfits, costumes, as well as design themes for a room, a party, an event. Design has been at the heart of any job that I have encountered or been asked to do. So I started thinking...do I have an eye for design? Is this something I should pursue?

At the very least it's something I should investigate. After several hours of researching design at every level possible, I found this nice little book that offered a consolidated view of it all; more specifically interior design which highly fascinates me.

Step 1: Requested that I flip through magazines and cut out anything that is my style, and give them a name. Am I shabby chic? Am I minimalist? Romantic? Classic country with a modern twist? French? This step sounds like so much fun I can't wait to start! Then I get to organize them in pretty little folders based on theme. I can't wait to share with you all my experiences as I finally unearth a passion that may have been overlooked in my life.

Stay tuned. Go along with me. Let's share.

~La Femme

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling girly.....

Ode to Shoes

High above the ground you let me stand

New dress, pedicure, with confidence in hand

Walking down the street in your stylish demeanor

you pave the way and make my legs look leaner.

By: Cynthia Guzman

I love shoes, and this past weekend of love and friendship, I was able to meet some of my new foot accessories for the spring. I fell in love with them so much that I wrote a poetic tribute to them in anticipation for the confidence they make me feel, and the cool outfits that they will inspire!

What is it about shoes that make you feel like a woman? Any suggestions? I love them though, and with the deal I got, I can't wait to find more 'love' for my feet! Check them out.

~La Femme

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love & Friendship

Growing up I really looked forward to having a day to celebrate those that I love on a special day. I actually received my first declaration of love in 2nd grade through a heart-shaped Valentine that said I love you. I don't think either of us knew what that meant, but it's a cute memory nontheless.

My mother however taught the day to her children to be a day of Amor y Amistad. Which translates to Love and Friendship. So it was a really excited to tell my friends how much they meant to me. Now, I like to hand-out Valentine's to anyone who crosses my day that day. A little candy, a chocolate, a mini-card, anything to put a smile on someone's face.

I started making my Valentine's I will hand out this year. Check it out below! So much fun, easy to assemble, and beyond cute!

Tin hearts from Michael's and hand made cards.

The felt-hearts from Michael's as well.
 I simply used chocolate M&M's for the tin heart candy filling, and mini placement cards as my signature card with a simple 'Happy Valentine's Day' for the cover. Very simple, very sweet. What are you doing this Valentine's Day?

Oh and p.s. I feel that we really don't need one day to show love, let's do it everyday!

~La Femme

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hair accessories...love

Hello friends!
I'm in the mood for love, simply because it's awesome! I've been exploring new sites, websites that is, and have discovered a site that has some amazing hair accessories. Now, let's talk about that for a bit. If you are like me, I limit myself to the occasional headband, perhaps a fancy clip, bobbypins, and the occasional black hair bands. I've never ventured into making it more fashionable.

Remember before though? When hats were the norm and adorning one's head was the thing to do? I seem to yearn for the days of detail-oriented elegance. I think I found a place that gives me a happy medium. Check it out HERE.

Old style

New Style

These are absolutley amazingly stylish. Don't you agree? These would make the basic white shirt and T look amazing. Or maybe a first date? Be adventuresome and bring back some glamour to your head! I think I just might.

~La Femme