Monday, May 9, 2011

I love you Barcelona...

There are several areas of the world which I consider to be on my TOP priority list to visit. I struggle with the financial part of this life-list however, I will do all I can (including shopping less.....aAAHHH shock) to make sure that I see what this beautiful world has to offer.

Spain has been high on that list, so high, that I have considered living there. More specifically, I am curious about Barcelona. I love it's background in Catalan culture, language (which I speak and would be able to understand) and it's Gaudi's architecture. All of it entices me even more to visit at least. 

Have any of you gone by way of Spain? Please share!

Would love to get lost in these historic streets
Check out these colors! Wow.
These pictures only mildly represent the beauty that is Barcelona. I imagine it will only quadruple once I get myself to this breath-taking place. 

I hope this keeps you curious and ignites a fire to go out there and at least visit somewhere unfamiliar, mysterious, full of culture. 

~La Femme

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Melissa said...

I have been to Barcelona, Gaudi's work is amazing, the people are beautiful, great sense of fashion, good food, and I can definitely see you living there :)

Miss you <3

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