Friday, March 26, 2010

Sex and the City: What it means to me

Its Friday-- my day off. I’m very relaxed, enjoyed lunch with my beau and am now doing some much craved for writing on my Macbook. I wondered what on earth I wanted to chat about today…then I saw the caption on to Sex and the City 2. I discovered this show late in its run---actually it was over. I caught a glimpse of the Oprah Winfrey special and was so moved by the audience reaction to the connection they had to this show that I was intrigued.

That night I went over to Blockbuster in my then-Huntington Beach, CA neighborhood and found out that they had been out of Season 1. The clerk then alerted me to the demand of the season and asked if I’d like him to call other stores for a copy. I wasn’t too much in a hurry so surprised at his amiability, I agreed. He gasped about two minutes into his phone conversation and looked at me with bugging eyes and said, “There is a previously viewed Season 1 at the other Blockbuster for $9.99!!!!” I asked…”…is that good?!” The look he gave me of ‘duh’ gave me the answer so I said “Sure! I’ll take it!”

Since that night, I was hooked on this show. It was a form of social experiment without me having to do the dirty work. It answered questions I never dared to ask and opened up my relationships with my friends to lower the barrier of Sex. It shouldn’t be this difficult thing to talk about and this show I believe paved the way.

I know own every season. It was stolen during my burglary of 2008, and a friend quickly replaced all the season for me. It’s my go-to ‘what-have-you’. If I’m sad, angry, need some girl power time, need a conversation starter, a fashion idea---I turn to the series. It’s amazing; it’s a dose of womanpower every one should have a prescription to.

Two years ago the movie came out years after the series was over and it completed the loyal viewers story for the four protagonists. It was emotional and raw. I loved it. Now—the sequel. I was skeptical at first but the creative genius of Movie Trailer Makers have convinced me to go and fall in love with Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie yet once more.

See you at the theaters!!!!

xoxoxo~ La Femme

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