Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Academy Awards

There is a time that fills me wonderment. I wait for it every year and finally it arrives. The Oscar's. I am a lover of films. The cinematography, the art direction, the costuming, the script, the actors!! It's such a great recipe that brings so many talents together. Not every movie is worthy of critical acclaim but each can be valued for the areas of expertise that they excel in. The Academy Awards celebrate these achievements and the most popular awards are the coveted Best Actor, Best Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress, Director and over all Best Film itself.

Im one of those movie goers that tries to watch every nominated film before the big day arrives. I failed in this endeavor this year, as I did last year. It's impossible to catch them all but the one's I did see I loved. One in particular was "A Single Man" with the truly talented Mr. Colin Firth. Sure, he's the epitome of Jane Austens' 'Darcy', but this film FINALLY showed his true potential. With minimal script writing he was able to take you on his painful journey. Ugh! Such a great movie...go watch it already!! :-) Oh, and "An Education" was awesome. Carrie Mulligan made me jealous of her character. I always thought of myself as that old soul and worth of older experiences in my youth; this character lives them out and finds heartache--but oh what a beautiful and eye-opening experience it was.

So Anywho...my other passion? The Fashion of course. Here were some of my favorites:

Anna Kendrick look spectacular, even ethereal in this pink frock.
I think Sandra knew she had a good chance at Oscar Gold, so was certainly dressed the part. So humble, so respectful. That made her even more beautiful.
Ok, this was my personal favorite. It was light, a great preview into spring colors, and she's just one of the most beautiful women ever! This is one I know I would've chosen to wear. (In my fantasy world where I'm invited to the Oscars, ha ha)
Queen Latifah. So secure in her body and promotes such a healthy body image. You can look good at any size and Queen L not only proves it, she works it.
What is it about Maggie G that makes her the coolest chick ever?!? Her fashion rocks, it's appropriate, and she wears her gowns with the comfort of pajamas. I love this dress and if I had her body, I'd rock it too.

I have to go back and reminisce for a bit. I think the ultimate dress I would like to wear is Michelle Williams Vera Wang mustard yellow dress in 2006. I love this color dream of being it's owner one day :-) A girl can dream right?

Now my vote for best dressed couple? Has to be Robert Downey Jr. (I've loved him since 'Only You') and his awesome wife Susan. He looks so happy and young and her dress is wow, better than some of those 'other' Oscar gown choices.

Let me know what some of your favorites were. I love me a little fashion talk ;-)

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