Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's for Dinner...

I don't consider myself much of a homemaker/cook type. However the art of cooking and all things Kitchen-esq fascinate me. I love learning and mastering different skills and I've recently have been given the gift of 365: No Repeats from Rachael Ray. This is a great beginner book for me to acquaint myself with this new interest of mine. My ultimate goal? To be a hostess with the most-ess. I want to be able to invite people over and not stress about my dish, but me confident in it.

Recipe #1: Beef Fajita Burger w/ Seared Pepper and Onion...take a looksie!

The worcestershire sauce was ah-may-zing! Add some black beans and voilà, nice savory dinner. Yum!

Recipe #2 ( I did this one today) Island Bird: Pineapple Rum Chicken
I paired this recipe with a bed of Jasmine rice and lots of red pepper flakes. My nose was running for days, but the pineapple simmered with onion and garlic and RUM was so so good. Here's some proof!

So I may be getting hooked with this cooking stuff.....and, I haven't even gotten to desserts! Exciting times and I'll be sure to share each of my discoveries (and failures) to come. Wish me luck. 

On a completely other note, I found these great teapots on Mariage Frères. They are beautiful, amazing, and most importantly, FRENCH!!! 

Oh, la, la.....what a day.

~La Femme

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