Friday, January 7, 2011

After Winter, comes Spring!

Hey guys,
For some reason I forget that winter goes past the New Year's festivities. It's crazy, but once I recover from the Holiday's I am ready for the Spring. My current winter looks like a soggy sponge, but my dream winter resembles this...


...ah Paris, Je voudrais être là!

So now to clothes. I'm feeling a pull to prints. I have not used prints at all much in the past; usually just to accessorize, but check out this sweater and skirt that make you feel .."pretty, oh so Prettty!!!..." Let me know what you think!

What a wonderful way to welcome spring! Those Brit's know what they are doing, check out 

Next up...more information on how my baby shower (and by 'my' I meant the shower that I planned) went. Also, I'll update you on the Wedding I am planning (for someone else). Just find it necessary to be clear! Don't want to confuse my 4 readers....if that.

~La Femme

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