Saturday, January 15, 2011


I look to Europe often for inspiration and mystery; which I think ultimately define why I am so interested in it--lack of first-hand knowledge. I am ok with that being the circumstance now, I hope to alleviate that predicament as soon as I have the proper funds to get me out there.

Occasionally I doodle. I haven't posted anything lately, but today this picture sparked my interest:

It is called "Paris Grey" and I fell in love immediatley. In my crazy imagination, Paris is covered with art and beautiful corners like these to be discovered.
Paris Gray

Now this is the kind of grafitti art that I can appreciate. So I decided to try to replicate this using another color for my pen.

I call this one "Tacoma Bleu" :
I wonder sometimes with all of my interests...what path I should lead in life? We'll see.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

~La Femme

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