Friday, November 5, 2010

New Ventures

It's been a while friends! I've started to venture off into new territories (nothing new for those who know me). I got two big projects I am working on; 1. I'm planning my sister-in-laws baby shower, and 2. I am planning my first wedding as a planner. Not mine....yet ;) Halloween just passed and I tested out some of the desserts I plan to serve at the Baby shower. I used great baking pans from Williams-Sonoma but let me give you a little tip---frosting them was difficult. I think the trick to these is to pick flavorful cake mixes to carry all the flavor that frosting usually does.

My Halloween Cakes
I've started researching various wedding venues and found that the Knot websites has great sources of references depending on your area. Wish me luck and future postings to come!

As for now, I'm off to enjoy some Starbucks red holiday should you.

~La Femme

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