Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

I got a new dresser this weekend....it was needed!!! So then naturally I want to redo the entire bedroom and started with thinking about what my dream bedroom would be. It would be a huge room with windows and textured walls with a chair area, etc. Well it would look something like this...

Then again I don't want to go too fancy, so maybe something like this....
Yes, contemporary yet elegant, lots of fabric yet plenty of light and color. Yes, love it! 

Ok, then there's reality-- and I starting thinking that if I can't get the bedroom of my dreams...YET ...I should definitely take inspiration from other bedrooms and take elements that make it mine. Bits and pieces and step by step is the way it will get done. So here are some of what I found and liked.

What I initially loved about this bedroom is the dark walls. People are generally afraid of color and darkening an area like a bedroom. However, the light hardware and white ceiling and carpet more than compensate for that. Another design element that I loved was the two his/her dressers complete with mirror. Not only does it elongate the space but when the sun goes down and those night lamps go on they will reflect perfectly off those mirrors and continue to light up the room. 

I fell in love with this bed. I liked that it the furniture wasn't too matchy-matchy and different color, textures, and elements made this room fit so well together. The paneling on the walls eliminates the need for too much wall art and let's the bed take the focus...which in my opinion is never a bad thing ;-) I also love the silver plated night stand. Beautiful!!!

I know that textured walls are a hefty penny but then I came across another novel idea....storage!!! I love how the entire wall was used as a built in bookshelf/storage area. It doesn't overpower the room because they kept it a natural color and again, let the bed take center stage. Lovely.

The picture frames on this wall reminded me of what I did in my old apartment living room. I bought various different frames and place different pictures on them. It made the wall my own, and what a great idea for a bedroom wall that needs pop.

I hope you find inspiration in some of these bedrooms and rearrange, try, test, buy, experiment with something you haven't before. 

Wedding planner thing going well...AND....still working on the baby shower. :-)
Have a wonderful day!

~La Femme


Lisa said...

Let me know if you need a photographer to help you fill those frames for your wall!

La Femme said...

Thanks Lisa! I will.

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