Monday, February 28, 2011


Through all different areas of my life and education I have noticed that I have a recurring passion for Design and Fashion. I love to put together outfits, costumes, as well as design themes for a room, a party, an event. Design has been at the heart of any job that I have encountered or been asked to do. So I started I have an eye for design? Is this something I should pursue?

At the very least it's something I should investigate. After several hours of researching design at every level possible, I found this nice little book that offered a consolidated view of it all; more specifically interior design which highly fascinates me.

Step 1: Requested that I flip through magazines and cut out anything that is my style, and give them a name. Am I shabby chic? Am I minimalist? Romantic? Classic country with a modern twist? French? This step sounds like so much fun I can't wait to start! Then I get to organize them in pretty little folders based on theme. I can't wait to share with you all my experiences as I finally unearth a passion that may have been overlooked in my life.

Stay tuned. Go along with me. Let's share.

~La Femme


Lisa said...

That sounds like a fun project!

Carla M. Turner said...

Hey Chickadee! Just wanted to stop by to say hello! =) ~Hope your Beau has a speedy recovery. xoxo

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